Rose Trial Garden of Hradec Králové
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Rose Garden (Rosarium)

The only international contest rose garden in former eastern bloc countries

The only international contest Rose Garden in the Czech Republic is intended for evaluation and valuation of new cultivars of roses according to precise criteria and aesthetic cultivation. It is an important part of the European Network of Competition Rose Garden, located on the western outskirts of the city of Hradec Kralove. The rose garden was founded in 1972, it has an area of about 2,500 m2 and a triangular layout. The first international competition assessment in this Rosarium took place in 1975. The highest award is the Golden Rose of Hradec Králové and each year only one variety can receive the award. The name of the winning rose is not known until the results have been announced.

Bedding roses are planted in the amount of 5 pcs in square plots, varieties of shrub and climbing roses in the amount of three pieces each attached to constructions. Evaluation takes two to three years, continuously the permutation of new cultivars of roses occurs. About 220 cultivars are cultivated in the amount of about 1,000 rose bushes.

Rose Garden is open to the public free of charge during one weekend in June, in the time of first flowering roses.

The Rose Club of the Czech Republic, which is a Union of Hradec Kralove, manages organizationally the Rose Garden within the cooperation with the Municipal Authority of Hradec Kralove and Technical Service Organization. Rosa Club of the Czech Republic is a specialized organization that brings together lovers of roses in the Czech Republic, and by their activities, it strives to contribute to the development of rose gardening. The club is a member of the World Federation of Rose Garden companies (World Federation of Rose Societies, WFRS).


Evaluation of roses is based on their systematic valuation by a wide range of professionally pre-determined criteria. It is not just the expected aesthetic parameters such as color or smell, but great attention is also devoted to e.g. the foliage of roses and resistance against fungal diseases.

Individual cultivars are monitored over a longer period of several years after planting. The rose garden has a permanent expert committee, whose members regularly monitor and evaluate the roses. To ensure absolute objectivity they pay attention to keeping the anonymity of evaluated roses. The rose breeders themselves register and send the cultivars to the contest, the cultivators are mostly from abroad. There are regular participants from Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Great Britain and the Czech Republic.

Thanks to the annual influx of new cultivars, the roses are being steadily replaced and they gradually vary in the Rose Garden. Every year the best roses are solemnly announced in several categories, the absolute winner then earns the title of Golden Rose of the City of Hradec Kralove.

Entrance to the Rosarium area

Rose garden is private and accessible only during the open days. The exact dates are announced in the media and on the website of the rose garden..


Elevation: 236 m | The average annual temperature of 8,2 ° C | Annual precipitation: 610 mm | European climate zone (zone number): Zone 6